Erhard Wilde - Cartographer and artist

Born in Upper Silesia (now part of Poland) in 1941 and resident in Münster, Germany, since 1945, I came to artistic work through my profession of cartography.
As an artist who paints, draws, and creates objects, I am constantly moving between varying levels of perception. Whether probing deep inside myself or reacting spontaneously to external stimuli, I let my hand guide the expression of my thoughts and feelings. In starkly symbolic drawings and etchings, I create images that, on the one hand, visualize deeply suppressed fears, and, on the other, comment on the political and social aspects of everyday life.

Thinking processes, logic, formal standards are largely rejected by me. As much by chance as possible, with as little imposed control as possible: this is the maxim underlying my artistic work. Fragmentary writing and numbers are integral parts of my pictures.
The main topic remains, however, Man and Nature.